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Laser Whitening of the Labia Majora

Laser labia whitening is a procedure whereby the skin on the labia majora are treated with a fractional CO2 laser.

Labia whiteningLabia whitening

The laser causes the skin to be replaced by new lighter skin.

Women may notice that the skin of their genital area darkens during pregnancies, and for other hormonal reasons.

If increased pigmentation of the genital areas are your concern, fractional CO2 laser is the best treatment available.

The procedure is an in-office one using local anesthetic. One treatment is usually enough but some woman do need a second round with the laser which is best done after 12 weeks.


At NUCARE we have an advanced Alma Pixel CO2 laser with the LiteScan handpiece that has been especially designed for labia whitening procedures.


Call 0800 NUCARE and speak to a registered nurse about scheduling your appointment for effective laser labia whitening.