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Labia Majora Augmentation with Hyaluronan dermal filler and PRP 

With increasing age and after menopause or weight loss, the labia can reduce in volume, lose fullness and develop wrinkles. This can lead the the Labia Minora becoming more exposed which can be uncomfortable or painful to these sensitive inner structures. These changes can be distressing to some women and cause them to lose confidence,

The labia majora can be augmented with hyaluronan dermal filler much the same way that dermal fillers are used for rejuvenation of the face. The filler is able to restore volume and plump up the labia. Labia majora augmentation with a dermal filler has been shown to increase elasticity and volume. 


Research studies: A recent research study using hyaluronan demonstrated a significant improvement in labia majora rejuvenation with only a single injection. There were also no complications with the procedure.  

In another review, the authors concluded that "Labia majora augmentation appears to be a safe, efficient technique with a high satisfaction rate and no reported major complications." (Jabbour et al, 2017) which is great news if you are considering having the procedure.




Combination HA with PRP

Additionally the filler can be combined with platelet rich plasma (PRP) which together form a matrix or scaffold to give the body the opportunity to grow new tissue to rejuvenate and augment the labia majora. 

PRP has been shown to be very successful in rejuvenating the face, and skin via the Vampire FaceLift, the Vampire Facial and the Vampire BreastLift is very successful in enhancing the natural fullness of the breasts and cleavage. 

The same principle is applied to successfully rejuvenating the labia majora.


There is a choice with this procedure: Dermal filler alone or Dermal filler combined with PRP


This procedure can be combined with the OShot, the FemiLift and FemiTight, and Labia Whitening.