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The Femi-O Laser Enhanced O-Shot (LEO) Procedure

The Femi-O Laser Enhanced OShot (LEO) procedure is when we combine the FemiLift Fractional laser vaginal rejuvenation procedure with the Orgasm OShot.

Combining the two procedures gives a woman the benefit of the vaginal lining and muscle layer tightening and rejuvenation that the fractional CO2 laser achieves and the enhancement of the G-spot, the anterior vaginal wall, the skene's gland and the clitoris that the OShot achieves.


The OShot is best given after the first FemiLift laser procedure, usually at the same appointment time. Then the additional FemiLift procedures are scheduled 4-6 weeks and 8-12 weeks for the second and third FemiLift procedure.


Please call 0800 NUCARE to discuss the Femi-O LEO with the nurse at NUCARE Clinics

Watch this video to hear Dr Charles Runels, the inventor of the OShot, discussing the Laser Enhanced O-Shot known as the LEO