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Acoustic Shock Wave Therapy for Cellulite

Acoustic Shock Wave Therapy has shown by several research studies to be very successful in treating cellulite.

Clients usually require 6 - 8 treatments per region that can be performed weekly or twice weekly depending on your scheduling requirements.


Call 0800 NUCARE to speak to the registered nurse to discuss your cellulite acoustic wave treatment options. 


Research studies on Shockwave therapy for cellulite and authors' conclusions

Adatto et al (2011). Body shaping with acoustic wave therapy AWT/EPAT: randomized, controlled study on 14 subjects. Journal of cosmetic and laser therapy, 13: 291-296

Conclusion: Patient satisfaction after 8 treatments was very high with 64% for "excellent improvement" or significant level of improvement. AWT not only provides a localised volume reduction but also a skin texture improvement, reducing the cellulite appearance and improving the skin firmness.


Christ et al (2008). Improvement in skin elasticity and dermal revitalization in the treatment of cellulite and connective tissue weakness by means of extracorporeal pulse activation therapy: EPAT. Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 28:538–544.

Conclusion: Stimulation of microcirculation and improvement of cell permeability. Skin elasticity values gradually improved 3 and 6 months post therapy.


Russe-Wilflingseder et al (2013). Placebo controlled, prospectively randomized, double-blinded study for the investigation of the effectiveness and safety of the acoustic wave therapy (AWT®) for cellulite treatment. Journal of cosmetic and laser therapy, 15:155–162.

Conclusion: Significant improvement in the number and depth of dimples, skin firmness, and skin texture. Improvement in the appearance of cellulite increased continually up to 3 months after the treatment ended. A statistically significant improvement indicates the efficacy and safety of AWT for patients with cellulite.


Schlaudraff, et al (2014).  Predictability of the individual clinical outcome of extracorporeal shock wave therapy for cellulite. Clinical, cosmetic and investigational dermatology, 7:171-183

Conclusion: The mean cellulite grade improved. The treatment was well tolerated, and no unwanted side effects were observed. Shock wave therapy is a safe and effective treatment option for cellulite.